To The Bone

A review on the Netflix film, To The Bone about a young woman recovering from anorexia. … More To The Bone


Girls aren’t born hating their bodies-we teach them to.

Magazines, advertisements, commercials…We can’t get away from the continued talk about diets, weight loss, exercise, food, and body image. Hearing and seeing all of these gimmicks is especially hard in recovery because it continually puts weight and body image on the mind. I get so frustrated always having to turn the channel on the TV … More Girls aren’t born hating their bodies-we teach them to.

Taunting Voices

“Wake up, you have got to get to the gym.” Feels stomach. Has the thought, “eh not as flat as I would like it to be, guess I should get up and get to the gym class.” Stares in mirror. Fat. Cellulite. Pulls yoga pants up over stomach in hopes of looking more slender. Cocks … More Taunting Voices

A New Expression

I cringe when I think about the holidays. For the past couple of weeks, I have had to give myself a pep talk every morning to prepare myself for them. Holidays bring back memories I rather not relive. A year ago I joined group therapy in conjunction to independent therapy because I was struggling so … More A New Expression

An Apple a Day

It’s kind of ironic that when you think of a teacher you think of an apple. A nice bright red apple sitting on the corner of her desk. When I think back to elementary school I think of apples on teacher’s desks, apple notepads, apple name tags, apples everywhere! Today I am a teacher and my … More An Apple a Day