Girls aren’t born hating their bodies-we teach them to.

Magazines, advertisements, commercials…We can’t get away from the continued talk about diets, weight loss, exercise, food, and body image. Hearing and seeing all of these gimmicks is especially hard in recovery because it continually puts weight and body image on the mind. I get so frustrated always having to turn the channel on the TV or switch to another radio station to get away from the advertisements. ED consumes my mind enough with body image talk, I don’t need to hear more about it from other sources. I have been reading a New York Time’s Bestseller novel called Dietland, which had the following quote…

“The weight-loss industry is the most profitable failed industry in history.”

-Sarai Walker

I immediately had an “ah-ha” moment after reading this. Notice the word failed. The weight-loss industry has continually failed. Yet we continue to give in to it all! We buy the newest prepackaged food that tastes like cardboard and drink the latest nasty gross looking shake. We take the new unapproved FDA pill to suppress hunger. We buy into all the bullshit they continue to flaunt at us but they all FAIL.

They fail because none on it works. Sure you may drop a few pounds drinking the nasty green shake for a week or two as a meal replacement but as soon as you come off it and go back to a regular meal those pounds you lost come creeping right back. Or those pills you take to suppress your appetite, you know those pills that make you dizzy, give you the shakes, and make you drowsy…yeah they’re a lot of fun too.

Women are always trying to be the next best thing. We kill ourselves over trying to fit into an unreasonable pant size because that’s what the beauty industry considers “acceptable”. We loose out on life and enjoying all of it’s offerings. We become antisocial and moody. But the worst part is that we do it to one another.

when we are so consumed with competing with other women, our energy cannot be used for making the world a better place.  tell me the media isn't being used to control us. (ooo, now i sound like a conspiracy nut.  oh, well):

What if we all started to love one another? What if we all started giving each other compliments? What if we made exercise a time to socialize instead of burning calories? What if we cooked healthy delicious food that actually had a pleasant taste? What if we encouraged each other instead of breaking each other down? What if we didn’t give into all the BS that society continues to throw at us each and every single day? What if we stopped buying the appetite suppressant pills? What if we didn’t go on diets? What if we didn’t join Weight Watchers? What if you never stepped on a scale again?

Empowered women, empower women:

Together, let’s redefine beauty.

Let me ask you this…What is beauty to you?

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