Do you jiggle?

I had to share this video that I found on another blog I follow. It is so empowering to us woman who are always trying to fit a mold that is unrealistic. Any body, any shape, any size can work out. Do it for you! To feel strong, healthy and empowered!

….I have more to say about working out but I’ll save that for another post but for now enjoy 🙂



3 thoughts on “Do you jiggle?

  1. This is a UK advert – I don’t like it because ALL the women in it are overweight. I have no issue with these women weight and I believe that they should have the confidence shown here it’s just that There seems to be an issue over here with people promoting body confidence thinking it only effects larger women. I don’t know what it’s like in the U.S. Or elsewhere I just know that if you’re thinner you’re seen to be part of the problem. Nobody stops to think that you’re body confidence might need a boost too. We have whole shops dedicated to ‘plus size’ but a size 4 ( U.S. 0) can only be found in a select few petite sections, mostly if you’re smaller you have to buy kids clothes. But we can’t complain, again we’re seen as part of the problem of body confidence for bigger people. Sorry it just grinds on me, while I agree with the theory of these kinds of campaigns I just think they need to be inclusive of everyone. X


    1. I completely agree with you and I see your viewpoint. As someone struggling with an eating disorder it just makes me happy to see people especially companies starting to appreciate woman for their size and to love their body no matter what. I shared it for that reason, for others struggling like me to be encouraged to be at their healthy weight no matter what they believe people might think or say. I appreciate your comment though, I’m always willing to learn and be accepting of all the challenges woman face!


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